Environmental Policy

Reliant Colour takes responsibility for its impact on the environment and continually reviews policy to consider more environmentally friendly alternatives.

We Source all our paper stocks from only accredited and managed suppliers. This ensures our clients are safe in the knowledge that all their printed products produced by us are sourced from fully sustainable forests and have the least possible environmental impact.

Reliant Colour’s environmental policy has been drawn up response to the directors’ desire to minimise the environmental impact of the company’s operations and activities. The policy sets out where Reliant Colour Solutions will undertake actions to mitigate the environmental effect of specific actions and to provide a guidance framework to employees in making decisions with an impact on the environment around us, both on a local and global level.

As a small company we ensure all our staff are involved throughout this process to manage the impact on a day-to-day basis and to ensure that the awareness of environmental issues is included within the decision making process.


Waste Management:

We recycle all waste paper, plate metal and chemicals created during our business operation.

Business processes are optimized to minimize wastage, whilst maintaining our high quality standards. Minimisation of waste brings financial benefits to us and our customers.

We acknowledge that some of our production inputs are harmful to the environment if they were disposed of incorrectly. We will ensure that where materials cannot be recycled they will be disposed of in the most environmentally sensitive way to minimise any impact on both the local and global environment.









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